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Courses I’ve taught or assisted teaching:

Introduction to Philosophy, TA FSU 2018, 2020, 2021

Environmental Ethics, TA FSU 2019

Philosophy of Language, TA FSU 2019

Modern Philosophy, TA, FSU 2020

Introduction to Logic, TA, FSU Spring/Fall 2021


Graduate Courses I have taken:

Philosophy of Mind and Action, Alfred Mele, 2018

Metaphysics and Epistemology, Stephen Kearns, 2019

Modern Philosophy, John Roberts, 2019

Normativity and the Natural World, James Justus and Michael Bishop, 2019

Normativity and Meaning, Edward Hinchman, 2019

Carnap and Quine, James Justus, 2020

Values and Knowledge, Zina Ward, 2020

Metaphilosophy, James Justus, 2021

Natural Kinds, Zina Ward, 2021